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We can assist you in  your investments in Argentina
Weather you are looking to relocate, for a Pied-à-terre in Buenos aires, for property with a good rental income, for land to produce or invest, or for offices for your Company in Argentina, we can help.
We provide, location scouting, Advice & Lease negotiation of the properties.
We can assist you in the process of buying or renting property in Argentina.

1-Property scouting & search:

 We can help you find the right property for you based on our deep understanding of the market and of your specific needs. We search, identified an evaluate apartments, houses or land in Buenos Aires, suited for investments or as a place to live in. Our company also provides our own premium listings and recomendations for apartments and homes for sale from reputable real estate companies.

2-Paperwork advice and asistance for property purchases in in Buenos Aires or land in the countryside. Once you have identified the property that your what to purchase, we will refer you to highly reputable attorneys (escribano), and money transfer firms.

3-Negotiatiation sales for property in Buenos Aires and the rest of Argentina

4-Transfer funds into Argentina

5-Assistance during the renovation of your property in Buenos Aires. We can assist you with referrals to qualified and affordable contractors, painters, etc

6-Property management and rentals. The branch of our company, RentBA can manage the rental your your property.

Our main activity is the permanent translation and analysis of the argentine customs and culture into the needs of US /European corporate standards & vice versa, thus providing a comprehension for practical decision making.


We have just finished with great success our consulting services for New York University ( NYU). We worked during 9 months in the logistics of installing their academic center for their Study Abroad Program in Buenos Aires

NYU has academic centers in 10 different countries

http://www.nyu.edu/studyabroad/ and handles the largest body of US students studying abroad.

We were contacted by the former Vice Provost for NYU Global, Yaw Nyarkohttp://www.nyu.edu/provost/about.office/bio.nyarko.html . We see ourselves as Project Leaders more than consulting.
Our work for NYU spanned many different areas, such as:


  • Location scouting

  • Lease negotiation of the properties for Academic Center and for Student residence in Buenos Aires

  • Search and selection of diverse contractors such as Architects, security advisors, security companies, IT managers, etc·

  • Followed up of all renovations and improvements to the buildings

  • Assisted on building permits· Expedited numerous tasks

  • Research and contract of a health insurance services· Psychiatric emergencies service contract· Assistance to IT in infrastructure for the buildings and purchasing of equipments

  • Examined and advice on legal concerns· Researched and advice on tax matters

  • Researched and wrote the Student Handbook containing all the necessary information for a young student to be able to survive and take the most of their experience in Buenos Aires & Argentina (Including all issues of safety, prevention and cultural differences)

  • Provided political connections and lobby for tax exemption needs

  • Designed the student activities for the first week (Adaptation week)

  • Assisted in the design and development of tourist activities for the students· Searched & selected of providers such as: maintenance, cleaning, catering, tourism, graphic design, etc


In all the areas involved we work with the following methodology:
Understanding the need of the client.· Search, selection, reporting & recommendation of potential providers· Negotiation with services and providers.· Follow up

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